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AEGINA ISLAND Aegina - a beautiful historical Island, just 55 minutes from Athens.
This "hop in" Island boasts a wealth of attractions for the visitor including - The Temple of Aphaea, The Column of Apollo, the famous Monastery of Agios Nektarios, The Old Mediaeval Town and The Sanctuary of Ellanios Zeus ...Soak up the sun and swim in the crystal clear warm waters at any of the many organised beaches on offer, or find a secluded spot just for yourselves. Aegina is also famous for it’s fish taverns.

POROS ISLAND Poros, 1.5 hours from Athens, called Calaureia in ancient times, was the island of Poseidon, god of the sea. This is evident from various literary references and from the traces of the temple of Poseidon, which are to be found in the middle of the island. There are a few organised beaches on offer and can also be arranged to have lunch at a traditional fish tavern.

Hydra, 2 hours from Athens, is famous as there is no airport, do not permit private vehicles or motorbikes and there are no roads suitable for bus transport. Hydra has no land traffic, no annoying engines to disturb the peace. Only a few municipal utility trucks are allowed on the island.

Spetses, 3 hours from Athens. What Spetses lacks in size it makes up for in character, charm and pure beauty that cannot be matched by other more famous islands. Approaching the island by sea, the one thing that all visitors find remarkable is the green of the pine covered hills.